Current Issue
January 8, 2014


Sorry for the self indulgence but I’m going to be using the word ‘I’ a lot in this because I really like the clothes and I want to wear them every day. My favourite look is the one with the black bomber which I’m wearing a version of today. I really like chunky shoes. I like my feet to look like massive boats. I love tractors, being a man bred in the fields, and these shoes are also good because they turn up a bit at the end, which makes them look even bigger and the big fat sole more visible, like a tractor. I also rather enjoy wearing high necks and straight cut black trousers too, which feature in all the looks. He even has my hair and ghostly complexion. I didn’t really know it before, but I am a Pringle man. With a Primark budget. Waaah. 

By Will Johns